Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Instrument do you play?

Sri Lanka 

Shell Trumpet 

New Zealand


Mouth Organs 


Water Drum

The Most Extraordinary Museum You'll Ever Hear. MIM - Musical Instrument Museum. It was a musical journey. 
Starting in Africa then to Asia and Western Asia. I love the music from Azerbaijan - the lutes was very lively, but the lutes from north India are beautiful. Also the sounds of the gong chime and knobbed gong from the Philippines were light and fun. Next was Oceania and Australasia. The music from New Zealand, Samoa, Cook Islands and French Polynesia is not just from musical instruments but also from their body's with hands, and the use of facial expressions and gestures. 
Then it was onto Latin America. The music from Argentina was so romantic and filled with passion as its the birthplace of Tango. The Marimba instrument from Guatemala sounds like a fun skip and twirl in a park on a sunny day. Then it was Europe. Pop music from Belarus was a great mix between folk and pop. The music in Austria was quite soothing. I LOVE Irish music, just makes you wish you were in a pub with a pint. Then last but not least, North America, with country music, hip hop, ukulele's from Hawaii.
It took 2 and a half hours to get through and it was great that we got our own head sets with a guildport that would start up when you were near a t.v that was playing music from the different countries. It was so fun.
Everyone in Phoenix should go!

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  1. Thank you for the tip on another field trip. Sounds like a wonderful place to visit!