Monday, April 25, 2011


In America they use Molasses instead of Golden Syrup.

The ingredients all mixed up.

Yay! All done.

Yum, now time to enjoy.
As I'm not in Australia to celebrate ANZAC Day, I decided to make ANZAC cookies.
The story about the ANZAC cookies can be found here. It dates back to the first world war. 
I hope everyone has had a great ANZAC Day and remember all the people you know who have served your country in a great light. 


  1. ANZAC cookies look like oatmeal cookies...are they kind of the same thing? They look delicious (you should bring some Friday if you still have any left!)

  2. Sorry Morgan i don't have any left, they were a big hit at the Estes household as i made them there. But i'll bring the recipe for you.