Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have you meet Goody?

Mercantile Vintage Boutique 


Today i had the pleasure of walking into a wonderful little space that is a vintage boutique as well as a hair and make-up salon. I found it quite welcoming and even got to meet Goody a very happy dog that was comfortably resting in the nice air-conditioned shop. He even has his own business card that has a very cute picture of him on it designed by his owner Catherine Slye who was very lovely and easy to have a chat with. If you want to know more about Goody or Catherine just click on their names. Goody has his own facebook page. Very adorable! 
To find where and when Mercantile is open just click here. Trust me it is a must see space, it has men's and women's clothing and accessories. Or if your in need of a haircut its all there. 


  1. :) You were just as lovely to meet. Thanks for the post, Goody says thanks too!

  2. Nice Blog Kimmy!! Wish I could get in some travelling :)