Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Early Rising.

Sunrise on the way to Disneyland Dec 2009

Sunrise on Christmas Island on my way to a friends house 2010

Early morning in Cork Ireland on my way to work Dec 2010, view from my house.
Beautiful colours of a sunrise in Phoenix Arizona

The sun peaking over Piestawa Peak, Phoenix Arizona and me.

This morning i received my monthly emails from Lonely Planet and one of the articles was on a debate about whether your an early riser or you like to sleep in on your travels and vacations, as a traveler i do both, mostly i get up early if i have planned a tour or am suffering from jet-lag, otherwise i enjoy a sleep in like the next person. Although a sleep in for me is 9am. Would you consider that a sleep in? So i have added some photos of mornings i have taken hope you like them.

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  1. A sleep in for me is 8am...sometimes even 7:30am I would consider "sleeping in", lol....

    Phoenix does have some of the most beautiful sunrise/sunsets