Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Salon with a Heart

Choppers Hair Salon. Photo from their facebook page

The wonderful waiting area.
Cute voucher i was given yesterday to come back and use when i went to inquire about the place.

20 mins before i went to the salon.

After shot.

And again cause i was just so happy with it.

So i went to Choppers Hair Salon to get my hair chopped off. Its a great salon down the road from where i live in Scottsdale and it's Amazing. First when walking up the stairs to the reception area there is so much to look at, such as vinyl records and guitars on the walls that you almost trip going up. Then once an employee greats you, beer, wine or water is offered while you wait. There are groups of vinyl in the waiting area that i'm guessing are for retail, but i didn't ask as i was just in awe of the place. For a hairdresser it is wonderful, as its unlike any of the salons i have entered. The styling chairs are vintage with snooker balls at the ends of the arms and they have red tool trays that are the perfect hight for drinks and magazines to be placed on top of whilst storing hair tools and equipment. I got an amazing haircut by a stylist named Jay and am so happy with her work. All in all a great experience. 


  1. Kim, your hair looks gorgeous!!! You dad was telling me yesterday about your blog, so thought I would stop in and check it out. Am so proud of your adventures :D You have come so far from that little girl at Boarding School here in Perth :P xxxxx can't wait to hear about more of your adventures.. <3 Andra

  2. Thanks Andra, hope your keeping well :)