Saturday, July 16, 2011

Post Birthday Post.

Had an amazing day with my friends on my birthday - July 11th - starting at the park with a bit of rowing then to my fave place to drink cava at Champanyeria then out to dinner at Rossini's in Plaza Reial. Finished of with cocktails at Sub Rosa.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cooking Class at Travel Bar Port

The place I work is part of a company called Travel Bound. One of the activities they have on offer is a Spanish cooking class. So as Kiki's mum was in town we decided to participate in the class.
First we get to learn about the traditional Tapa's whilst enjoying sangria. Then the wonderful Fernando shows us how to cook Paella.
While the Paella was simmering away Robin taught us how to make Sangria. I have taught the class myself a few times, its always fun, as people get to group up and make their own.
It was a fun evening.

Day Tripping - Sitges

Me on 5th Avenue Sitges, Spain

Protesters are everywhere

Kiki and Robin

Paella and Cava Sangria 

Kiki and her mum Dawn visiting from Wales
Sitges is a small little town just south of Barcelona. It was a great day when we went to visit, as it was raining in Barcelona but not in Sitges. Kiki's mother Dawn came to visit in Barcelona for a few days and as Wednesday is usually Family day out for my friends so on Wednesday the 8th of June the Family Day Out was a trip to Sitges. It was nice just walking around enjoying the beautiful architectural, the little cafes then some cava strawberry sangria and paella. Thanks girls for a wonderful family day out.

Parc De La Ciutadella


Me sitting in front of the Cascada

Castel dels Tres Dragons
The Parc De La Ciutadella is the most central park in Barcelona, I took these photos when i first got to Barcelona but am only just getting around to putting them up on my blog, i'm sorry.
Some friends from work do a Sunday picnic in the park, which is always fun to join, so if i'm not working or finish work at 5 then i join them for a nice afternoon with other people enjoying the great weather and just relax on some lawn and do nothing.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Long Since I Last Wrote

Hi everyone following my blog i apologize about not having written in a while, i have been busy with work and not really been at home, and on my days off i have been using my time well and been out and about. So I have a lot to post and will hopefully get it all up soon. So all that's left to say is ...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Protests and Parades

Its been a while since my last post, as i have been running around like a head-less chicken with finding an apartment to live in and a job and then getting my official papers to work and live in Spain for more then 3 months and going out and enjoying myself. So now that its a Sunday and i have time to sit and think i have the time to post on here.
Over the course of the 2 weeks i have been in Spain i have noticed lots of protests occurring, i don't really know what for but here are some photos of them. 
And here is a link of a large protest that took place in Puerta del Sol in Madrid a few days after i left.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home.

Just a few photos taken from around the area that I'm living in Barcelona. The note at the bottom was part of a display with lots of notes in all different languages and with drawings as well which i thought was great so i had to take a photo of it.
Oh and the one of the dark alley, it wasn't really that dark it was just cause i was standing in the sun when i took this photo.