Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Walk in the Park.

Yesterday morning I took a stroll in the Parque del Retiro. I was probably walking around for 2 hours before i strolled across a street just out of the park that was lined with little booths selling only books, mostly in spanish but there was a few in english but you really had to search to find any.
There was people of all sorts, some old men reading newspapers, lots of different characters walking their dogs, a few women roller blading, lots of people exercising, old men sunbathing in only their speedos, school children screaming Hola! to other groups of children and a group of friends playing a game where one girl was blind-folded and the others yelled out so she could here their voices and try catch them. 
There was so many different areas to see such as the rose garden, and the aroma was magnificent that i just wanted to sit and breath in deeply for a while. Then in one area there were 5 or more peacocks, and i could only spot the male peacocks, but they were beautiful. 
If you want to be relaxing out on the water there are row boats that you can rent and paddle around for a while and enjoy the music from the birds in the park that drown out the city so you feel like your miles away from the city.
It was just a perfect sunny day to be in the park.

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