Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Friends

So my first 2 days in Madrid have been a pleasure all thanks to the women in the 2 photos above, her name is Olivia and she is from New York. She was sharing the bunk bed with me in HostelOne Centro in Madrid. 
Olivia had arrived the day earlier and meet a nice guy from Australia called Enis. So the photo at the top is from the first Tapas bar that myself or Olivia had been to in Spain (dont ask me what it was called i didn't take notice) and with our drinks ordered free tapas was placed on our table for us to enjoy.
The other photo was taken in the courtyard of the Reina Sofia after spending 3 and a half hours admiring all the artwork.
It has been great meeting them and i'll be catching up with Olivia in Barcelona which will be great. I love meeting new friends on the road.

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